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There was a lunar eclipse last week and I took a bunch of pictures over about 4.5 hours. You can see them here: Eclipse Photos There is also a picture of the double star Alberio on the page.

These are prices from my trip to atlanta starting in seattle. Bryce Canyon Zion National Park and Grand Canyon

I went to Mount Rainier with some friends a couple weeks ago and took some cool pictures of the Tatoosh Range. In some of the picture you can see some skiers coming down to the east of The Tooth. I thought that was pretty cool since the mountain are more than a mile away.

I added some pictures from my trips with Wyatt to Lundin Peak and Mt. Stuart in August I will try to add a write up to the nonexistant outdoors section of the site some time.

There was a thunderstorm at midninght tonight so I took some pictures, they are my first attempt at capturing lighting. I only got two pictures.

I added some pictures from around tech they are mostly of flowers because thats about all there is to look at.

I added a picture of a little critter I took on campus this week.

A few sample pictures from new Canon D60 are posted here. It only took calling 10 states, 40 plus camera stores and three hours of calling to find one :) to all those people on waiting lists..... a little spare time can go a long way to finding one of these babies in stock! Hint: Try calling Sioux Falls, SD.

Pictures from Flying in May 2002

Pictures from White Pass New Years 2002

Hopefully soon I will add stuff from my backpacking trip, my trip home for spring break and when I got to see Pres. Bush speek.

I finally have a real web host for my domain. From now on my site will be up all the time. Hopefully I will feel inspired someday to really get some stuff up here.

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