You are receiving this email because you have a userid with easyDNS.com
(if this is in error please let us know and we'll check our records)

Dear easyDNS Member,

We don't often send out email to all of our users, when we do it is
usually either interesting or important. This email has important
information regarding the more unscrupulous attempts to "slam" your
domain business away from us and a new security feature we've
to neutralize the practice. We hope you will take a few minutes to read
this in its entirety.

Many members have been telling us about their experiences with third
party entities who have been attempting to "renew" their domains, in
many cases alluding that the domain *must* be renewed via their channel
or that they are in some way an "official" domain registry for the

Examples include:

* The Domain Registry of Canada
(view their mailing at
http://support.easydns.com/domain.slammers/droc.php )

* The Domain Registry of America
(view their mailing at
http://support.easydns.com/domain.slammers/droa.php )

* Verisign/Network Solutions
(view their mailing at
http://support.easydns.com/domain.slammers/netsol.php )

These outfits have been utilizing data obtained from the whois database
and are sending out what appear at first glance to be renewal invoices
in an attempt to get you to renew via their service.

Be advised that easyDNS does not send renewal invoices via postal mail
and that by renewing your domain via any form received via postal mail
will result in your domain registrar being moved away from us to an
external third party registrar and that this may also de-activate your
DNS settings here.

We have also found that even if customers mistakenly remit funds to the
soliciting service and then cancel or deny the transfer request, the
domain transfer has been re-initiated by the soliciting party. Because
these transfer requests were automatically honored by the registry if
not explicitly denied by the domain holder, this practice has resulted
in a number of domains being moved off of easyDNS to other registrars
without the domain holder actually being aware or intending this to

For the record, easyDNS considers this practice to be deceptive and
bordering on fraudulent. While we welcome legitimate competition
and fear nothing from it, we have enabled security measures that will
protect you from unknowingly having your domains transferred away.

With this mind, we have enacted what is called a "Registrar Lock" on
.COM/.NET/.ORG domains on the system for which we are the effective
registrar (via OpenSRS/Tucows) and we will be activating this lock for
all new domains coming onto the system.

Any attempt to move a domain in this state to another registrar will
until that lock is cleared. This lock will be under your direct
you will be able to turn it on or off, as per *your* desire, from the
"whois" editor page in the easyDNS members section (log into
https://members.easydns.com and click on "whois" beside the domain name
you wish to unlock or re-lock). You should also note that you can still
delegate your nameservers any way you wish with this lock enabled.

If you genuinely want to move your domain elsewhere, we're sorry to see
you go and if you have a minute, feel free to drop a line to support if
there is something you care to tell us about why you are leaving so
we can work on improving the service.

If you have already remitted fees to one of these other "services" and
did not intend to leave, you must explicitly cancel that transfer
You should also demand your money back and feel free to file a
with your local Better Business Bureau, or even the local police if
refuse to refund your fees paid.

As always, if you have any question about this issue other services
by easyDNS, just email them to support@easydns.com


Mark Jeftovic, <markjr@easydns.com>
President & Co-Founder,
easyDNS Technologies Inc.
+1.416.535.8672 ext 225