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I don't know what I am going to put here.

There was a lunar eclipse last week and I took a bunch of pictures over about 4.5 hours you can see them hereEclipse Photos There is also a picture of the double star Alberio.

OK so I don't update this page very often, but I have been updating my photos section whenever I get something worth putting up. They are mostly outdoors pictures.

Lots of pictures have been added to the photos section. Check it out.

I added my ME4447 project web page. I think it was a pretty cool project. Check out the page for pictures and descriptions.

EasyDNS letter about registrars sending out deceptive letters.

Hopefully soon I will add stuff from my backpacking trip, my trip home for spring break and when I got to see Pres. Bush speak.

I finally have a real web host for my domain. From now on my site will be up all the time. Hopefully I will feel inspired someday to really get some stuff up here.

I have not decided what to put here either.
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